Graphic Design

Communities First

The Communities First Alliance brings together leaders in government, philanthropy, and investment, committed to bringing resources to communities in ways that support community plans, solutions, priorities, needs, and visions for a thriving future.   

Visualizing other’s voices through graphic design is important to me. For this project I organized documentation involving Communities First’s Theory of Change and their vision. I translated and simplified the documents into a visual graphic increasing this information’s accessibility.  

Social Media Management

I’ve managed the social media account for Illustrating Progress, keeping posts consistent and scheduled monthly. One project I’ve coordinated was the Apprentice Posts Series, where we share about Illustrating Progress’s previous apprentices and what they’re currently up to. It’s a great way to talk about other incredible artists and to bring everyone together.

My role in the project involved coordinating communications with the apprentices, developing and organizing series documentation, as well as scheduling and designing each series posts. I created a form for the apprentices to answer. I also created an Instagram post template to give the series of posts a similar branding feel.  


Forever PT

I designed and developed logo assets for medical upstart, Forever PT (now known as TheraXPro). Forever PT was planned as a website meant to offer useful resources to patients, medical students and clinicians.

My role in this project was to offer design advice and develop logo graphics and fonts for their upcoming website. I met with medical experts to offer advice on graphic design styles and branding for the project.

La Salle University's
Religion Department Re-design

La Salle University’s Religion and Theology Department had updated their curriculum and graduation requirements. The new curriculum was considered confusing at times by students and staff, so the department head sought a visual way to display the changes.

For this project, I re-designed La Salle University’s Religion and Theology Department curriculum sheets and informational handouts. The new brand design, informational handouts, and graphics developed provided a clearer visually interpreted breakdown of the curriculum .

Graphic Recordings

I’ve worked on graphic recording projects involving various clients. Graphic recording is a practice for creating graphics to record workshops, meetings and conferences in order to assist people in reaching certain goals and in remembering important points in the future.

Collaborating within a team on Mural, I created graphics and messages meant to last beyond the original meetings. Many of these projects touched on important social change thoughts and comments needed to pursue the organization’s mission.