Web Design

ZBT site mockup

Zeta Beta Tau


Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) is a fraternity organization aiming to prepare its brothers for positions of leadership and service within their communities.  

The ZBT website required a new design that presented more organized page layouts and made more sense for the user experience. I developed a site map as well as page layouts and mockups to present the site’s information in a more manageable and organized manner. I began with wireframes to present to the client and based on their preferences, translated graphics and banners into the final mockup files for their website developer. The site is not currently available, but there are more samples from the project below.


Personal Portfolio


My brand as Yadi Angeles aims to make content that communicates a goal or story. Whether through graphic illustrations, online videos, social media or accessible website design. My website needed to portray the various roles and projects I have been involved in these past few years. It needed to be clean, organized and portray the message of who I am and what my skills are. 

I also have received education training with Content Management Systems, including WordPress and Drupal. I designed and created this website myself on WordPress developing layouts, mockups, wireframes, menu systems, banners, optimized graphics, and themes while considering usability and user interface, with an accessible and responsive design. I organized my projects into four major categories: graphic design, website design, illustration, and YouTube. These categories encompass freelance jobs I took on as well as various passion projects I have worked on.